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My Story

I am a Singapore based personal investor and trader.

A student of finance, I've always been fascinated by the intricacies and dynamism of financial markets. To me, the markets are more than an avenue to generate returns on capital. They reflect shifts in cultures, social classes, political orientations, human habits, and reveal the essence of human psychology. Understanding financial markets is akin to understanding human behavior, in its abstract and concrete forms.

I have held several roles at finance and finance-related institutions, including at a regional bank as a financial adviser, and at large payment companies in strategy and planning. More recently, I have dedicated my time to trading stocks and options, and documenting my investment research at this site.

About - The Discerning Investor

In a world of rising inequalities, lower labor shares of national income, and increasing competitiveness - Generating strong investment returns can mean the difference between retiring at age 50 or 70, having the funds to start a small business or creating a safety net for our children. Yet most people turn a blind eye, convinced investing is too complicated for the non-finance trained. 

The Discerning Investor was thus created to help investors make sense of financial markets, evaluate their options, and craft robust portfolios that can withstand periods of heightened market volatility.

Determining the optimal portfolio construct and stock selection criteria can be daunting. The knowledge is out there, but for the average investor, taking time to make complete sense of it is challenging. By providing readers with succinct, relevant articles that directly relate to investing decisions, I believe real impact can be created.